3D body scanning in the apparel industry: Do we really know where we are heading?

This paper through - the Diffusion of Innovation Model - shows that while 3D Body Scanning brings some refining and improvements of existing methods, it does not introduce new concepts that depart from traditional retail practices. 3D Body Scanning is - potentially - a powerful way of approaching size and fit in apparel and one that presents novel opportunities. Yet, despite the advantages that this technology offers, and the many initiatives that have taken place, 3D Body Scanning has not reached its full potential and has failed to produce the expected results held by many stakeholders. Stakeholders must increase collaboration to realise 3D Body Scanning’s relative advantage. Much of the potential has, however, been promoted by distinct organisations that are biases about how the diverse processes and structures will work together, whilst focussing on profit from their own incremental IP. In this paper we elicit 3D Body Scanning’s fundamental concepts, and its central goal to provide ‘glue’ needed to create an innovation. We offer further implications for researchers and policymakers about expecting and managing trends in technology.