3D multi-nozzle system with dual drives highly potential for 3D complex scaffolds with multi-biomaterials

Recently, additive manufacturing is one of the most focused research topics due to its explosive development, especially in manufacturing engineering and medical science. In order to build 3D complex scaffolds with multi-biomaterials for clinical application, a new 3D multi-nozzle system with dual-mode drives, i.e. ejection and extrusion was developed. In this paper, much effort was made to gain fine control of droplet and excellent coordination during fabrication. Specifically, the parameters that influence the size and stability of droplet most was intensively studied. Considering that the biomaterials used in the future may have much difference in properties, the combination of parameters was investigated to facilitate the settings for certainsized droplets, which are potentially eligible for bio-printing. The dispensing nozzles can work well both in independent and convergent mode, which can be freely switched. Outstanding to the most currently used 3D bio-printing techniques, this system can fabricate scaffolds with multi-materials of both low viscosity (by pneumatic dispensing) and high viscosity (through motor extrusion). It is highly expected that this system can satisfy clinical application in the near future.