A comparison of an innovative web-based assessment tool utilizing confidence measurement to the traditional multiple choice, short answer and problem solving questions

2009-05-01T11:30:33Z (GMT) by Graham Farrell
Computerized assessment is playing a major role in IT education, with extensive utilization of the multiple choice question (MCQ) format. This is mainly due to the ease of adaptation of MCQs into the internet environment, offering extensive advantages to both the student and the instructors. This study analyzes the results of students’ grades using an alternative web-based assessment tool and the more traditional modes of assessment, being Multiple Choice Questions, Short answers and Problem Solving (Scenario) questions. The Multiple Choice Questions with Confidence Measurement (MCQCM) is a web based assessment tool that permits the student to register their level of confidence in their answer, and was included as a revision tool for the duration of the semester and as a component of the final exam. Additionally the exam also contained questions using more traditional methods for assessment. A total 43 students sat the final exam producing some interesting results. The statistical analysis indicated that the correlation between the MCQCM and the other alternatives ranges from strong to medium. In addition it appears that the MCQCM demonstrated equal to slightly stronger convergence of validity compared to the traditional MCQ method and the other alternative assessment methods.