A conceptual framework for the development of scientific and technological information systems in developing countries with reference to Nigeria

2013-12-09T12:21:07Z (GMT) by Raphael U. Ononogbo
As society becomes more and more information dependent, it is imperative that each nation develops its own systems for the storage, retrieval, and dissemination of that information. Furthermore, since so much now depends on science and technology, the development of scientific and technological information systems is of immense importance to any nation that needs technological progress. Effective transfer of this information requires a well developed system for that purpose. This is the central theme, and therefore the raison d'etre, for the present study. One of the problems of the developing countries is the poor state of their information systems and services. Minimal amount of scientific and technological information is generated, and the infrastructure necessary to avail themselves of that located elsewhere in the world is either lacking or ill-developed. Ultimately, their economy, educational systems, managerial skills, etc., suffer because of insufficient, or lack of information. These issues are examined in the study in the light of situations in both the developed and developing countries in order to establish contrasting features. An attempt is made to identify what constitute the infrastructure of information. [Continues.]