A critical review of: "a practical guide to select quality indicators for assessing pareto-based search algorithms in search-based software engineering": essay on quality indicator selection for SBSE

2019-09-19T15:32:34Z (GMT) by Miqing Li Tao Chen Xin Yao
This paper presents a critical review of the work published at ICSE'2016 on a practical guide of quality indicator selection for assessing multiobjective solution sets in search-based software engineering (SBSE). This review has two goals. First, we aim at explaining why we disagree with the work at ICSE'2016 and why the reasons behind this disagreement are important to the SBSE community. Second, we aim at providing a more clarified guide of quality indicator selection, serving as a new direction on this particular topic for the SBSE community. In particular, we argue that it does matter which quality indicator to select, whatever in the same quality category or across different categories. This claim is based upon the fundamental goal of multiobjective optimisation --- supplying the decision-maker a set of solutions which are the most consistent with their preferences.