A cross organisation compatible workflows generation and execution framework

With the development of the Internet, the demand for electronic and online commerce has increased. This has, in turn, increased the demand for business process automation. In this paper, we look at the use of workflows for business process automation. An automatically generated workflow can save time and resources needed for running online businesses. In general, due to the interdependencies between their activities, multiple business organisations will need to work together by collaborating and coordinating their activities with each other. This gives rise to the need for workflow collaboration across organisations. Current systems for workflow collaboration are only capable of reconciling existing workflows of the collaborating organisations. Automatic workflow generation systems only generate workflows for individual organisations and cannot handle the automatic generation of compatible workflows for multiple collaborating organisations. To overcome this problem, in this paper, we present a framework that is able to generate multiple sets of compatible workflows for multiple collaborating organisations. The proposed framework supports runtime enactment and runtime collaboration of the generated workflows. This framework enables users to save the time and resources that would otherwise be spent in modelling, reconciling and reengineering workflows.