A framework for cross-layer measurements in wireless networks

This paper formulates a framework for wireless network performance measurements with the scope of being as generic as possible. The methodology utilises a cross-layer approach in order to address the limitations of traditional layered techniques. A lot of work in the research community uses the channel power (Cp) to predict performance metrics in higher layers. There are currently two methods to measure Cp; either by using a spectrum analyser or from WiFi card information (RSSI). The paper discusses the correct configuration of a spectrum analyser (SA), to measure Cp. This paper, also provides a comparison of both SA and RSSI results produced inside an anechoic chamber for three different applications. The behaviour of the RSSI values showed significant discrepancy with both the SA results and what was intuitively expected. The results pinpoint the necessity of a cross-layer approach and the importance of carefully selected and positioned equipment for the accuracy of the measurements.