A minimum income standard for the UK in 2010

2010-07-08T08:31:14Z (GMT) by Abigail Davis Donald Hirsch Noel Smith
This study updates 2008’s innovative research, based on what members of the public thought people need for an acceptable minimum standard of living. This report shows: • what different family types need to earn in 2010 to meet the minimum income standard; • how much the cost of a minimum household budget has risen since the last update in 2009. This update is based partly on inflation and partly on a review of what should be included in the minimum standard. Despite the recession, members of the public generally maintained their view of what things are needed to participate fully in society, but added some required items to reflect changing technology. The report also examines how far changes in benefits, wages and taxes affect people’s ability to maintain a minimum living standard in tough economic times. Its results carry important messages about households’ increased risk of falling below the minimum standard required.