A nonhydrostatic unstructured-mesh soundproof model for simulation of internal gravity waves

2013-10-15T14:20:03Z (GMT) by Piotr K. Smolarkiewicz Joanna Szmelter
A semi-implicit edge-based unstructured-mesh model is developed that integrates nonhydrostatic soundproof equations, inclusive of anelastic and pseudo-incompressible systems of partial differential equations. The model builds on nonoscillatory forward-in-time MPDATA approach using finite-volume discretization and unstructured meshes with arbitrarily shaped cells. Implicit treatment of gravity waves benefits both accuracy and stability of the model. The unstructured-mesh solutions are compared to equivalent structured-grid results for intricate, multiscale internal-wave phenomenon of a non-Boussinesq amplification and breaking of deep stratospheric gravity waves. The departures of the anelastic and pseudo-incompressible results are quantified in reference to a recent asymptotic theory [Achatz et al. 2010, J. Fluid Mech., 663, 120-147)].