A novel ontological approach to modelling engineering processes: A coupled tank system case study

Many modelling techniques such as Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and SIMULINK have been employed in engineering processes such as control systems. However, these techniques lack some beneficial features such as the auto-classification and self-awareness of knowledge, the dynamic knowledge discovery, validating the consistency of knowledge and the possibilities of embedding Semantic Web Rule Language (SWRL) rules into various modelling tasks. This paper presents an original and innovative ontology design that models the coupled tanks system (CTS) with additional capabilities of providing aforementioned advantages. This new approach for modelling engineering phenomena employs the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and also processes the capabilities of incorporating Description Logics (DL) and Semantic Web technologies into the ontology-based design. The results obtained in this paper show the successful demonstration and implementation of our new knowledge modelling approach.