A novel single lag auto-correlation minimization (SLAM) algorithm for blind adaptive channel shortening

2009-12-14T12:20:53Z (GMT) by Rab Nawaz Jonathon Chambers
A blind adaptive channel shortening algorithm based on minimizing the sum of the squared autocorrelations (SAM) of the effective channel was recently proposed. We submit that identical channel shortening can be achieved by minimizing the square of only a single autocorrelation. Our proposed single lag autocorrelation minimization (SLAM) algorithm has, therefore, very low complexity and also it does not require, a priori, the knowledge of the length of the channel. We also constrain the autocorrelation minimization with a novel stopping criterion so that the shortening signal to noise ratio (SSNR) of the effective channel is not minimized by the autocorrelation minimization. The simulations have shown that SLAM achieves higher bit rates than SAM.