A response to the problems of teaching a highly technical subject to students without A-level Maths or Science

2006-05-08T15:22:45Z (GMT) by E.H. Billett W.G. Owen
Brunel University offers a BSc in Industrial Design with a high technology content. Crucially we teach the Mechanics, Electrics and Materials in the same language as would be used to teach engineers. Ideally this course has recruited students who had A-level Maths as well as a good portfolio of Art and Design work, together with additional Science or D&T A-levels. It will be no secret that students of this background are an endangered species. In order not to abandon the technological approach, the following long term strategy has been devised: 1. An accelerated introduction to selected elements of the Maths Curriculum by carefully chosen tutors with a small targeted group of students; 2. The use of the Computer Aided Learning in Mathematics project to back up these lectures. 3. The development of Mechanics and Electrics CAL materials based on a unique combination of the constructivist approach to science pioneered by Driver and Osborne presented in a HyperCard environment.