A review of pavement assessment using ground penetrating radar (GPR)

The use of GPR to obtain information on pavement structures has greatly developed over the past 20 to 30 years. The early 1980’s saw the first major developments of GPR for pavement applications and it is now an accepted technique for pavement investigation. GPR has a proven ability to obtain a variety of information on parameters relating to the structure and materials of the pavement. Despite this, several hindrances to wider use of the technique exist, and there is a requirement to address a number of both perceived and real limitations of GPR use for pavement investigation. This paper aims to provide an up to date discussion and summary of the current and developing uses of GPR for pavement investigation, through reference to previous work and ongoing research,including that conducted by the authors. This paper is intended for both GPR specialists and pavement engineers, and reports the ability of GPR to obtain good data for the various uses described, and discusses the applicability,limitations, and scope of GPR for further developments in pavement investigation.