A strategic framework for change management

2014-06-20T13:12:51Z (GMT) by Andrew Price K. Chahal
Many organizations have undergone substantial change over recent years and the importance of organizational culture to organizational analysis and change management has been increasingly recognized. However, the implementation of change is a complex process that is not always successful due to a variety of reasons. Failure in most change processes can be traced back to poor communications and underestimation of the amount of retraining required. The main aim of this research is to identify the key steps that could improve the management of change. Literature relating to organizational culture, the need for change, types of change and resistance to change was used to develop a theoretical basis for the research. Organizational change management case studies and exploratory interviews were used to document experiences of organizational change and develop a strategic framework for change management. Validation was through acceptance and adoption of the developed process within a construction-based organization. The research has demonstrated how well-planned change helps to ensure that change is successfully implemented. Critical to successful change is not only the development of more efficient and effective processes but alignment of organizational culture to support these new processes. © 2006 Taylor & Francis.