Accident causation and pre-accidental driving situations. Part 3. Summary report

This report aims to present the final results of the descriptive statistical, in-depth and risk analysis performed within TRACE Work Package ‘WP2-Type of situations’, in order to identify the main problems and the magnitude of these problems related to accident causation and risk factors for the following four types of situations: the stabilized situations, the specific manoeuvres, the intersection situations and the degraded situations. The different analysis (descriptive, in-depth and risk) of each of these five tasks has been performed using the available European accident databases within TRACE (national, in-depth and exposure databases). The objectives achieved in this WP are: • Identify and quantify accident causation factors associated to particular types of driving and pre-accidental situations, at a statistical level, by analyzing various available databases in Europe. • Obtain a focused understanding of accident causation issues related to these types of situations at an in-depth level by analyzing data from available in-depth databases. • Identify the level of risk associated to these selected types of situation in causing accidents.