Adaptive intelligent middleware architecture for mobile real-time communications

2015-08-10T15:34:27Z (GMT) by Sarogini Pease Iain Phillips Lin Guan
Provision of instantaneous, mobile and dependable communications in military and safety-critical scenarios must overcome certain wireless network issues: lack of reliable existing infrastructure, immutability of mission-critical protocols and detrimental wireless dynamics with contributing factors including hidden transmitters and fading channels. Benchmarked approaches do not fully meet these challenges, due to reliance on addressing Quality of Service (QoS) at a layer-specific level rather than taking a system of systems approach. This paper presents an adaptive middleware methodology to provide timely MANET communications through predictive selection and dynamic contention reduction, without invasive protocol modification. This is done using ROAM, the proposed, novel Real-time Optimised Ad hoc Middleware based architecture. Extensive simulation results demonstrate the adaptability and scalability of the architecture as well as capability to bound maximum delay, jitter and packet loss in complex and dynamic MANETs.