Additive manufactured textiles for high-performance stab resistant applications

A series of nanocrystalline copper metallised and non-metallised Laser Sintered (LS) Nylon (PA2200) samples using the EOS P100 Formiga system, were stab tested to current Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) Knife Resistance (KR) 2007 standards, to ascertain their stab resistant characteristics. The research demonstrated that while a sample thickness of 8mm virgin PA2200 was required for a successful stab test, this figure was significantly reduced to 5.6mm using a 50:50 mix of virgin and recycled PA2200. A further significant reduction in sample thickness to 4.5mm was also recorded for samples manufactured from virgin PA2200, metallised in a 150μm layer of nanocrystalline copper. The results of the stab testing series were then utilised to develop a non-metallised, scale Additive Manufactured (AM) textile manufactured from a 50:50 recycled and virgin PA2200 mix. Results indicated a successful AM textile-like design, with little or no penetration during stab testing at the HOSDB KR1 standard.