Addressing the subjective view of value delivery

The construction industry has a limited understanding of its role in creating and delivering customer value. Existing responses to requests for value delivery focus on Value Management and Value Engineering. These approaches do not necessarily consider the subjective nature of the value judgements made by individuals as they experience their built environment. This paper suggests that designers and stakeholders should address the personal, organisational and societies values against which value judgements are formed. A continuous dialogue of value delivery is proposed. The Managing Value Delivery in Design project at Loughborough University is seeking to help both designers and stakeholders express and communicate their values so that subjective value judgements can be anticipated in design development. A “Framework of Value” is presented to illustrate the issues that value delivery should address. The Framework has been synthesised from review of literature and current industrial practice and has been validated by industrial partners. The future work required to broaden the construction industry’s approach to value delivery is outlined.