Advanced supplementary design and technology examinations in the UK: criteria and strategies for curriculum development

2006-05-09T09:28:16Z (GMT) by Glyn W. Price
An Advanced Supplementary (AS) examination is deemed to be half of an Advanced level examination in the time required to teach the course, but of the same conceptual standard and rigour. This paper considers the conflicting demands of practical skills, knowledge content and design process in Advanced Design and Technology and presents alternative strategies for achieving the reduction of time for Advanced Supplementary. Coupled with the necessity to reduce teaching time is a new need for flexibility during the introduction of the UK National Curriculum in Technology which has knock-on consequences for the post-16 examination system. The changing demands of employment and higher education also apply constraints to the syllabus design. Some syllabus models are analysed and used to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of various syllabus design decisions.