Advances in palladium catalysed wacker-type oxidative transformations

2014-01-06T14:56:47Z (GMT) by Darren S. Lee
The development and optimisation of conditions for oxidative Wacker-type cyclisations followed by establishing the reaction scope are reported. Building upon the achievements in the field of oxidative Wacker-type reactions that has recently gathered interest, hydroxylamines and hydrazines were converted to isoxazolidines and pyrazolidines respectively. Secondary hydroxylamines cyclised yielding syn-isoxazolidines with excellent diastereoselectivities, whereas secondary hydrazines cyclised yielding anti-pyrazolidines but still maintained a high level of diastereoselectivity. Additionally, an enantioselective variant was explored. Isoxazolidines were successfully transformed to the corresponding 1,3-amino alcohols, which were further converted to amino sugar derivatives.