Agile organisational transformation paradigm

2016-01-05T14:53:02Z (GMT) by Alicia Parkes
The terms ‘organisational transformation’ and ‘change’ have become an area of interest in the recent past, and to some extent have become buzzwords. This research seeks to build on the current body of knowledge to establish an understanding of Agile Organisational Transformation, beginning with understanding the motivation for change. The focus of the research is to understand the importance of a systemic approach towards Agile organisational transformation and thereby reflect what transformation truly means. An understanding of transformation within the context of this research will be defined, and the nature of transformation and how it applies to organisations at a systemic level will be discussed. In addition a crucial distinction will be made between organistional transformation and other forms of organisational change. As an industry embedded researcher a unique perspective of the case under study is presented. While emersion in the case and working closely with the subject is an essential part of this research, being both an employee and researcher presents its own challenges, not least in finding the balance between the roles.