Air-jet textured yarns: the effects of process and supply yarn parameters on the properties of textured yarns

2016-07-20T10:19:35Z (GMT) by Ali Demir Memis Acar Gordon R. Wray
Characteristics of air-jet textured yarns are determined by the instability, linear density, and strength, together with structural properties such as loop size, loop frequency, and degree of entanglement. Such characteristics are affected by various process parameters and supply yarn properties. The effects of these parameters on the final yarn properties have been investigated using instability, linear density, and strength tests, together with SEM photographs for visual assessment of the yarn structure. Optimizing any given yarn property almost always affects other yarn characteristics, and therefore this must be remembered when selecting suitable process parameters and supply yarns for specific end uses. For a given texturing nozzle and conditions, there is an optimum filament fineness and number of filaments that can be textured effectively.