An analysis of the air-jet yarn texturing process. Part 5, The effect of wetting the yarns

2015-11-10T13:41:33Z (GMT) by Memis Acar R.K. Turton Gordon R. Wray
It is shown that the quantity of water mixing into the air-flow is an insignificant proportion of the total amount of water used in the air-jet texturing process and that this has a negligible effect on the air-flow in the texturing nozzle. It is suggested that only a fraction of this water is needed to impart the desired effects of wetting. Experimental investigations show that water acts as a lubricant to reduce the filament-filament and filament-solid-surface friction and hence aids the longitudinal displacements of the filaments relative to each other. A realignment of the yarn path minimizes the friction between the filaments and solid surfaces.