An evaluation of failure modes and effects analysis generation method for conceptual design

2017-03-31T08:23:41Z (GMT) by Ping C. Teoh Keith Case
Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is used in the manufacturing industry to improve product quality and productivity. However, the traditional approach has many shortcomings that affect its effectiveness and limit its usefulness, especially in the early stages of design. Automating the FMEA report generation process seems to answer some of these problems, and there has been much past and on-going research in this area. However, most of the work is limited to specific applications. This paper proposes a method for FMEA generation for a generic application using minimum information during the conceptual design stage. Prototype software has been created for the proposed method. It has been evaluated using case studies from the design and manufacture of two-way radios. The evaluation revealed the feasibility of the proposal, as well as some weaknesses that need further improvement. Generally, the capability of the method to generate FMEA report with minimum information is demonstrated.