An evaluation of mixed ability and team teaching methods for the delivery of Avon Modular Design and Technology to all pupils at GCSE

2006-05-08T15:07:51Z (GMT) by R.D. Webster
The delivery of National Curriculum Design and Technology for all in Key stage 4 will be a significant concern of all teachers working in the area. In 1990 staffing changes at The Sir Bernard Lovell School made it possible for us to re-organise our teaching area in such a way as to facilitate the implementation of team teaching. In 1991 timetabling changes gave us the whole Year 10 population to teach. The first cohort have recently completed their course-work and examinations in Year 11. This paper sets out to evaluate that experience in terms of both pupil and teacher perceptions. The author will present data in respect of pupil achievement in Design and Technology Science (where they are set by ability and 'traditionally' taught.) The paper will also discuss briefly the applicability of the mixed ability/team teaching approach to the delivery of KS 4 National Curriculum Design and Technology (ATs 1-4) in the future. Methodology: semi-structured interviews with students and teachers; questionnaire relating to the course in the context of their overall performance (sample of 50 students across the ability range); presentation of results in Design and Technology and comparison with predicted results in other subjects.