An examination of the assumptions and consequences of incentive schemes: illustrated by a case study of change in an engineering works

2019-02-07T10:18:47Z (GMT) by R.S. Pratt
The reason for wishing to carry out this examination stems mainly from having been introduced to sociology and organisation theory (on the present Post-Graduate Course) after several years of assumption as a production engineer, that engineering production and piecework incentive schemes are inseparable. Early industrial experience whilst an apprentice left me with the impression that piecework schemes, coupled with time and motion study, were the sole determinants of output. This rather naive view lead me in turn to what I now believe to be an exaggerated belief in the importance of work-study. Indeed, it was some eighteen months actual experience in a work-study department that made me realise that work-study was merely a single management tool (although an important one) among several.