An holistic view of UK military capability development

2009-03-26T13:32:44Z (GMT) by Yi Yue Michael Henshaw
Through Life Capability Management (TLCM) is the dominant theme of proposed changes to UK defence acquisition, but progress has been hindered by a lack of agreed interpretations for key concepts. This paper provides some clarity for Capability, Network Enabled Capability (NEC), TLCM, and Affordability and notes, in particular, the fractal nature of capability. Through stakeholder analysis and concept maps, we identify some of the major challenges associated with TLCM. These include affordability (which is the motivation for TLCM but may also be its stumbling block); the increased priority of agility, adaptability, and flexibility in capability planning; and the need for appropriate TLCM metrics. The lack of an explicit learning mechanism within the capability planning process is also a major deficiency, because TLCM relies on effective knowledge management. The changing role of industry is considered and the need for an holistic view of capability is emphasised.