An improved multiple model particle filtering approach for manoeuvring target tracking using airborne GMTI with geographic information

2016-03-18T11:23:46Z (GMT) by Miao Yu Hd Oh Wen-Hua Chen
This paper proposes a ground vehicle tracking method using an airborne ground moving target indicator radar where the surrounding geographic information is considered to determine vehicle's movement type as well as constrain its positions. Multiple state models corresponding to different movement modes are applied to represent the vehicle's behaviour in different terrain conditions. Based on geographic conditions and multiple state models, a constrained variable structure multiple model particle filter algorithm is proposed. Compared with the traditional multiple model particle filtering schemes, the proposed algorithm utilises a particle swarm optimisation technique which generates more effective particles and generated particles are constrained into the feasible geographic region. Numerical simulation results in a realistic environment show that the proposed method achieves better tracking performance compared with current state-of-the-art ones for manoeuvring vehicle tracking.