An integrated framework on characterization, control, and testing of an electrical turbocharger assist

Engine downsizing is a promising trend for improving fuel efficiency of conventional powertrain vehicles. The reduced engine capacity can be compensated by better air delivery through electrically assisted boosting systems, while the most critical technology is the electric turbocharger. In this paper, an integrated framework for characterization, control, and testing of the electric turbocharger is proposed. Starting from a physical characterization of the engine, the impact of the electric turbocharger on fuel economy and exhaust emissions are both analyzed, as well as its controllability. A multi-variable robust controller is designed to regulate the dynamics of the electrified turbocharged engine in a systematic approach. To minimize the fuel consumption in real time, a supervisory level controller is designed to update the setpoints of key controlled variables in an optimal way. Furthermore, a cutting-edge experimental platform of a heavy-duty electrified turbocharged diesel engine is built. The demonstrated excellent tracking performance, high robustness, and improvements on fuel efficiency in experimental results prove the effectiveness of both the developed system and the proposed control strategy.