An integrated modelling approach in support of next generation reconfigurable manufacturing systems

2011-11-08T14:45:00Z (GMT) by Tariq Masood Richard H. Weston
Dynamism and uncertainty are real challenges for present day manufacturing enterprises (MEs). Choosing and applying the best philosophies and techniques is very difficult as most MEs deploy complex and unique configurations of processes and resource systems to cope with changing product flows. It follows that systematic methods of achieving model-driven reconfiguration and interoperation of component-based manufacturing systems are required to design, engineer and change next generation (NG) MEs. This paper describes a novel systematic approach, namely an integrated modelling approach (IMA), designed to support next generation reconfigurable manufacturing systems (NGRMS). The IMA is helpful in creating coherent sets of models that facilitate the engineering of production planning and control (PPC) strategies. Coherent multi-perspective industrial case study models are also presented that have facilitated process reengineering and associated resource system configuration. Those models have a capability to enable PPC decision making in support of complex organisation design and change (OD&C).