An interactive exhibit to assist with understanding project delays

Time, a dynamic concept, can be difficult to understand in static form. As a consequence, the pro-active management and retrospective analysis of delays on construction projects can prove challenging using conventional methods. This can result in time overruns and the rejection of valid delay claims which could develop into dispute if they are not resolved. Disputes have a negative effect on the construction industry but their occurrence, value and duration is rising. This research aims to reduce the likelihood and severity of common delay disputes by providing a solution which aims to: 1) assist with the pro-active management of delays; and, 2) improve the presentation of delay claim information. A detailed background study was undertaken which identified technological opportunities and modes of presentation as potential ways of overcoming the challenges associated with managing and analysing delays. Two stages of assessment were then undertaken to determine the suitability and application of these findings. The first stage utilised a workshop with 50 construction adjudicators to determine the appropriateness of modes of presentation in assisting construction claims. The second stage developed the workshop findings with previous research and integrated modes of presentation with delay analysis. The output was an interactive exhibit, which was assessed through a simulation based on case study data. The interactive exhibit is intended to support, not replace, traditional methods of delay analysis but the solution encountered difficulties with technology as well as the challenge of creating a holistic tool for both pro-active management and retrospective analysis. It is perceived that the interactive exhibit would add most value to the resolution of construction delay claims but further investigation is required to validate the proposed concept before it is used in practice.