An investigation into the effects of centrifugal forces on the gripping force of a diaphragm chuck

2019-03-06T12:23:12Z (GMT) by Peter J. Prickett
The action of the centrifugal forces on the jaws of a relatively flexible diaphragm chuck quickly reduce the gripping force as the speed of rotation of the chuck is increased. The expected form of the relationship is a power curve relating the speed w of rotation, the mass m of the jaws, the radius r of the centroid of the jaw system, the height h of the centroid of the jaw system from the centre of the diaphragm plate and the distance x of the gripping point from the centre of the diaphragm plate, see figure 4, page 18. The effect due to the speed of rotation should follow a squared relationship while the effects due to the other factors can be considered as power curves with indices of unity. The loss of clamping force was measured against all the various factors involved and a working equation evolved as shown at the end of this synopsis. [Continues]