An optimization model - preliminary selection of appropriate technology in wastewater treatment alternatives

2012-09-28T08:02:49Z (GMT) by S.L. Tang
This research is concerned with the use of techniques of system analysis / operations research in the selection of the optimal - or most appropriate - wastewater treatment techniques in any given situation. An extensive investigation of existing treatment system optimization models, applying techniques of linear programming, dynamic programming and non-linear mathematical programming, has been carried out. None of these existing models deals with the socio-cultural and environmental conditions but merely with the economy of treatment. In this work the more subjective or intangible factors are included in the proposed optimization model in which twenty parameters are identified. These parameters are considered to be most important in the selection of appropriate alternatives for treating municipal wastewater. They include technical, economic, environmental and socio-cultural factors. The model was developed to rank a definite number (n) of wastewater treatment alternatives (decision variables) by the evaluation of the twenty parameters [...continues].