Analysis of water resources parameters for model development through application of satellite remote sensing and geographic information system in semi-arid environment

2018-06-27T14:25:39Z (GMT) by Rakesh Pandey
This research is aimed at developing a model for estimating peak discharge rates and design flood hydrographs for the Machchan catchment in the semi-arid region of Gujarat, India. For many such catchments flow data are not available or are insufficient to extrapolate for determination of design flows. For such situations some direct approaches are required to give information on peak discharge rates and hydrographs. Several methods have been developed by researchers for the design of peak river flow in ungauged catchments but these different methods are complementary to each other. The Cascaded Reservoir Model developed in this research combines some of these methods namely, SCS method, time–area histogram method and Muskingum flood routing method formulated the model. [Continues.]