Anionic polymerisation of laurolactam

2018-10-18T11:59:46Z (GMT) by Kenneth R. Walker
Laurolactam has been mass-polymerised at 150°C with sodium hydride or aluminium alkyls as catalyst and various N acyl-lactams or caprolactone as cocatalyst, studies being made on the effect of catalyst and cocatalyst on rate of polymerisation and polymer molecular weight. With sodium hydride as catalyst, cocatalyst effectiveness, as measured by rate of polymerisation, was found to be in the order: N benzoyl-caprolactam > N butyryl-caprolactam > N propionyl-caprolactam ≥ N acetyl-caprolactam = N acetyl-laurolactam = H salicyloyl-caprolactam ≥ N salicyloyl-laurolactam > caprolactone. [Continues.]