Anomalous in-plane magnetoresistance of electron-doped cuprate La2−xCexCuO4±δ

We report systematic in-plane magnetoresistance measurements on the electron-doped cuprate La2−xCexCuO4±δ thin films as a function of Ce doping and oxygen content in the magnetic field up to 14T. A crossover from negative to positive magnetoresistance occurs between the doping level x = 0.07 and 0.08. Above x = 0.08, the positive magnetoresistance effect appears, and is almost indiscernible at x = 0.15. By tuning the oxygen content, the as-grown samples show negative magnetoresistance effect, whereas the optimally annealed ones display positive magnetoresistance effect at the doping level x = 0.15. Intriguingly, a linear-field dependence of in-plane magnetoresistance is observed at the underdoping level x = 0.06, the optimal doping level x = 0.1 and slightly overdoping level x = 0.11. These anomalies of in-plane magnetoresistance may be related to the intrinsic inhomogeneity in the cuprates, which is discussed in the framework of network model.