Application of STEP-NC for CNC machining of asymmetrical components

Research focused on design integrated CAD and CAM has been conducted since the 1980s and will continue in order to achieve CAD/CAM integration. CAD/CAM systems have become a common tool in industries to design parts and simulate the manufacturing machining. This research focuses on the area of interoperable CNC machining systems and CNC systems based on the evolving STEP-NC standard. This paper describes and illustrates a STEP compliant CAD/CAPP/CAM System for the manufacture of rotational components on CNC turning centres. A structured view of a STEP compliant CAD/CAPP/CAM system framework supporting the next generation of intelligent CNC controllers for turn/mill component manufacture is provided. Finally the proposed system is outlined by the modelling of a turning workstation and through the use of user interface dialogs that depict the information held in the models. The case study demonstrates that the new approach can generate machining instructions equivalent to currently used G-codes for the same component.