Application of fractal binary tree slot to design and construct a dual band-notch CPW-ground-fed ultra-wide band antenna

A compact dual band-notch ultra-wide band (UWB) antenna with a co-planar waveguide (CPW)-ground-feed is presented. A desired band-notch antenna is achieved by etching a narrowband dual resonance fractal binary tree into the radiating element of an existing UWB antenna. The new antenna reduces interference from UWB in the wireless local area network (WLAN) bands by attenuation of the measured return. The built prototypes have a compact size of 16×22 mm2 including the ground plane. This miniature size also delivers advantageous radiation patterns with good mono-polar characteristics across the UWB band. For this design the gain is attenuated within the desired WLAN bands. The maximum suppression obtained for the stops at 5.65 and 9.9 GHz are -13.1 and 7.2 dB, respectively.