Aspects of the analysis of sulphur compounds in beer

2013-11-28T13:49:41Z (GMT) by Alexander Sinclair
The possible role of volatile sulphur compounds in beer flavour has been investigated using simple analytical methods. These methods were studied and developed particularly for routine quality control use. Application of the procedures to the analysis of beer volatiles has indicated that, contrary to expectation, sulphur compounds play litt1e part in the flavour/aroma of beers designated as "sulphury". However the results obtained from this study suggests that a more important aspect of beer sulphur compounds may be in the role of flavour stability. Additionally the presence of dimethy1 sulphide in ale has shown it to be at a lower concentration than lager. Since the latter is produced by a different yeast and fermentation the presence of dimethyl sulphide may highlight fundamental differences in the raw materials and process. Finally suggestions are made for further work on beer flavour stability since this aspect could have fundamental repercussions on production economics and brewing procedures.