Award winners as mediators between worlds: new findings on German-American relations

2014-11-13T14:44:46Z (GMT) by Heike Jons
Since 1972 more than 2,000 academics from the USA have been granted Humboldt research awards. What motivates internationally-renowned researchers to accept the invitation to spend a longer period of time researching in Germany? What do they do during their stay and what are its most important consequences? What conclusions can be drawn from this for Germany’s attractiveness as a place to pursue science and research? These questions are examined in a doctoral thesis recently submitted to the Department of Geography at the Heidelberg University. The assessment was based on anonymously-given Humboldt data on all the American award winners from 1972-1996 (n=1,719), a complete postal survey (return rate: 65%, i.e., 1,020 questionnaires), and 61 personal, semi-structured interviews with award winners from the Boston and San Francisco areas...