Bandwidth Enhancement through Fractals and Stacking of Microstrip Antenna for Ku-Band Applications

One of the major constraints of a microstrip antenna is its narrow bandwidth. This paper demonstrates the influence of a dual layer staked configuration with the effect of fractal designs on a microstrip square patch antenna, for attaining both wide bandwidth and high gain properties. The proposed design of the antenna in stacked structure shows a total impedance bandwidth for S11<-10dB of 2.56GHz (18.97%) in Ku-band for satellite communication and has dual frequency bands from 11.53GHz to 13.15GHz (1.62GHz) and 15.63GHz to 16.57GHz (0.94GHz) around the resonant frequencies of 12.31GHz and 16.19GHz respectively. The intended design exhibits a 6.39dB gain whereas the radiation efficiency is up to 93.60%. These qualities of wide bandwidth and higher efficiency make the proposed antenna an excellent candidate for satellite based applications.