Basic principles of sound radiation and scattering

2014-01-29T15:03:58Z (GMT) by Victor V. Krylov
The book gives a brief account of the theory of radiation and scattering of sound in liquids and gases. General principles of radiation and scattering of acoustic waves are considered, including Huygens’ principle, the reciprocity theorem, the problem of the existence and uniqueness of solutions. Acoustic fields generated by some complicated radiators are analysed in detail. Basic definitions and facts relating to the scattering of sound by an infinite cylinder, sphere, gas bubbles in liquids, etc. are considered as well. Much of attention is paid to the general theory of scattering with respect to the scattering of acoustic waves. These include the method of boundary integral equations and the methods based on the approximate solutions of the equations of Lippmann - Schwinger type. Considered are also energy conservation issues at wave scattering and the problems linked to causality and Kramers - Kronig relations. The book is intended for students and researchers working in the field of acoustics. (Abstract translated from the Russian).