Benchmark comparisons with discrete transfer method solutions for radiative heat transfer in three-dimensional non-grey scattering media

2010-03-25T09:58:23Z (GMT) by Jonathan C. Henson W. Malalasekera
A bandwise formulation of the discrete transfer method is presented for the three-dimensional radiative transport in nongray, nonhomogeneous, absorbing, emitting and isotropically scattering media. Numerical solutions with this formulation are in good agreement with YIX, finite element and Monte Carlo solutions for several benchmark problems. These involve a homogeneous mixture of suspended carbon particles in gaseous CO2 and N2 in an L-shaped enclosure. Variations in the particle concentration and problem geometry are considered. The average deviation of the discrete transfer results with a second set of solutions, calculated from a hybrid Monte Carlo/diffusion algorithm, is less than 5% for both the boundary surface flux and the divergence of radiative flux within the gas/carbon particle mixtures.