Bending and crumpling deformation study of the resonant characteristic and SAR for a 2.4 GHZ textile antenna

Over recent years, there has been an explosive growth of interest in the development of flexible wearable antennas due to rapid growth in Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) applications. However, the antenna is subjected to deformation when being worn by users. Therefore, it is compulsory to analyze the absorption of electromagnetic (EM) radiation and the antenna performances as a function of the deformation conditions since the antenna is not in its normal flat conditions anymore. In this paper, two types of deformations; bending and crumpling are analyzed by means of CST Microwave Studio. The peak SAR10g demonstrates increment up to 65.7% and 48.7% under bending and crumpling deformation respectively. Moreover, the crumpling is more sensitive to the geometrical shape and composition of the exposed body area if compared to bending. Moreover, the detuning effects of the resonant frequency are more significant for crumpling cases.