Block-control methods for low-order automotive control

2012-05-04T11:59:13Z (GMT) by Christopher Ward A.T. Shenton
Robust linear and nonlinear control is a continuing requirement for automotive powertrain controls. Newton iteration techniques have been proposed for both nonparametric linear and recently nonlinear control. Such nonparametric methods may eventually allow benefits of both low-order controllers and more rapid calibration time. This paper evaluates the feasibility of such Newton iteration techniques by an experimental comparison of a standard Riccati method a Riccati J-spectral factorisation and a novel l2 algebraic J-spectral factorisation using Newton iteration techniques in a SI engine idle controller. The methods are each applied in a 2- block H∞formulation. The results of experimentally implementing robust idle speed controllers show broadly similar outcomes for all the methods compared and thus indicate the potential of the Newton iteration methods for further development in more advanced nonparametric, low-order and nonlinear control.