Building community WASH resilience: the case study of a rock catchment system in Marsabit County, Kenya

Implementing a rock catchment project entails a myriad of approaches and technological measures. The choice of approaches and technologies are a product of processes driven by the organisational culture, capacity and strategic priorities of the implementing development organisation. The approaches and technologies employed by the development agencies with the objective of improving water services are expected to align to the sector regulations. This expectation has not been entirely realised. At a time when climate risks have markedly increased, Caritas Switzerland in its effort to achieve sustainable water services at the community level, has employed technologies and approaches with impressive results. This has been possible through consolidating lessons learnt incrementally. This paper examines success features observed during and after the implementation of a drought resilience project by Caritas Switzerland in partnership with Ndikir community in Marsabit County, Kenya in 2014/15.