Building the European Road Safety Observatory. SafetyNet. Deliverable 4.5 Recommendations for transparent and independent road accident investigation

These Recommendations for Transparent and Independent Road Accident Investigation present the conclusions of four years of combined efforts of more than 20 persons, involved in road safety research, representing seven different organisations from as many European Union Member States. They establish the requirements for conducting and promote the creation of transparent and independent road accident investigations in all Member States according to a common European investigation methodology. Such investigations would address the need to have detailed, public, transparent and independent road accident data available at European level. The issues related to independence and transparency have been considered in detail in previous SafetyNet work package 4 Deliverables (SafetyNet, 2005 and 2006a). A set of Draft Recommendations addressing the investigation of major as well as a sample of routine accidents was prepared (SafetyNet, 2006b). A consultation period culminating with a Workshop was organised for gathering feedback on those Draft Recommendations (SafetyNet, 2007). Finally, the Draft Recommendations were thoroughly reconsidered in light of that feedback and used to prepare this 'finalised’ set of Recommendations, whose primary focus is on the investigation of a sample of routine accidents.