Business improvement through a structured approach to sustainability in the precast concrete flooring industry

2018-11-21T16:46:27Z (GMT) by Hafiz K. Elhag
Different production and business procurement systems in the precast flooring industry have traditionally been designed to offer products/services with high quality, within shorter delivery times, and with the lowest cost and expense possible. However, these systems do not account for the different environmental impacts arising from its operations. This thesis explores the environmental performance of precast concrete production systems and evaluates how precast organisations can maintain their business cases within a healthy and sustainable approved practice. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study was carried out for five Hollowcore and pre-stressed beams manufacturers (members of the Precast Flooring Federation—PFF) to identify the main environmental impacts arising from the production of precast flooring. It was found that mineral extraction, carbon dioxide emissions, waste disposal, and transportation are the main sources of environmental impact in the sector. [Continues.]