Can technology inspire the smartphone population to connect with the great outdoors?

2017-09-11T09:06:01Z (GMT) by Paul Palmer Neil Rathbone
This discussion paper makes observations about the use of technology in heritage interpretation and explores questions about its potential as a mechanism of engagement. We examine the following issues: ● Quality of Information: Internet searches return a large amount of information, but the accuracy can be problematic. Lazy research can lead to disengagement. ● Technologies for Digital Interpretation: We look at technologies might be suitable for delivering interpretative content in remote locations. ● Engaging the public: A good human guide can inspire excitement. We offer ad hoc examples of digital interaction that also seem offer excitement. ● Project Management Challenges: Traditional project management styles impose a task and milestone orientated approach that can stifle innovation. Complex systems project management focusses on modelling and iteration to capture project based learning. Good quality digital interpretation has more in common with rocket science than building a house!