Cardio-respiratory indices of endurance capacity in soccer players

2018-08-23T15:59:48Z (GMT) by John H.L. Humphreys
The purpose of this investigation was to study the relationship between selected pulmonary measurements, anthropometric indices, distance run in sixteen minutes and cardiovascular fitness potential (as measured by maximum oxygen uptake), maximum oxygen debt and certain factors closely associated with these measurements. The study involved eighty-seven male subjects who ranged between twenty and twenty-five years of age. In the 1973 study the sample involved thirty-seven participants from the sports of rugby, hockey, cross country, and soccer. In the 1974 study the sample involved thirty-nine soccer players. In 1975 physiological measurements were taken from eleven soccer players and applied to several of the 1974 regression formulae in order to predict the distance the players could run in sixteen minutes. [Continues.]